Our main concern in the field of Manufacturing Hollow, Solid Blocks & Inter Locking pavers and designer pavers is to maintain the Quality. We have all the necessary equipments for checking the quality. Also, we are checking our Stones and Blocks for our customer satisfaction at reliable test centers in chennai.

We have the Latest Model Power Operated Hollow and Solid Blocks Making Machine and interlocking and designer paver making machines. For curing the Paver blocks we have provided several Water Tubs for better curing. So due to the proper method of curing, the strength and the quality of the Stones that we produce are always good.

Our Factory is situated in 10 Acres of Land, which help us to keep more stocks at any point of time. This makes us capable of executing the bulk order immediately & we have all the manpower for laying the inter-locking paving stones by properly ramming the earth & laying the blocks in a proper method.